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Manny and Moses update

Manny walks now.  I’ll hear little padding down the hall and expect to look up and see Moses and I get startled by little Manno standing there smiling and “hiiiii!” – ing.  This morning he woke up and kept saying “bobble” over and over.  I made him a bottle and tried to feed it to him but he took it gently out of my hands and drank it all by himself.

When Moses asks to play hide and seek (which he is truly terrible at) Manny will cover his eyes and start counting “Un, oo, ee,” it’s so damn cute.

Moses says things like, “I don’t like that idea,” when I tell him it’s bath, pjs, story and bed.  He bargains and says, “How ’bout I watcha movie?” When I say, “No,” he responds, “I think I’m gonna watch a movie.” He is such a little stinker.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that it really is going by fast when you’re up all night with a sick baby or a nervous toddler, but it is, it’s going by really really fast.

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Manny’s words






A ball


uh oh


thank you (tin to)

(you’ll notice there is no mama on this list. sob.) 

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0, 1, 2, 3

Fresh baby!


It's not pinteresty and he refused to eat it, but he's 2, my sweet boy is 2!


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Own a little piece of land

Growing up we did a lot of road trips.  Arizona to North Dakota.  Arizona to Minnesota.  Arizona to Colorado.  Arizona to New Mexico with a van full of teenagers going to a Key Club convention (NERD ALERT).  One time my sister’s friend Cassie came with us and as we crossed the border into New Mexico, she said, “New Mexico, the laaaaand of enchantment!” Which is, of course, New Mexico’s slogan.  And that is how her dad would say it when they crossed into New Mexico. And every time after that trip that we crossed the border into New Mexico it’s how we would say it.  And we crossed the border into New Mexico a lot.

So, fast forward to now, some *cough*20*cough* years later, and we’ve got dreams of buying a little piece of land in New Mexico where we can go and spend a few months getting over how hard it is to live in Los Angeles and drive a truck around and let the kids dig holes and chase lizards and generally be kids in a place where you don’t have to worry they’re going to be mowed down by a speeding car.  And I’ve started looking at this site called and there are some cheap ass pieces of property in New Mexico.  Probably because some of them have no water, no electricity and no road, but there are some that have all of those things and some nice trees and views of pretty mountains and for only like $188 a month you too can own your dream in the laaaaaand of enchantment.

So, I’ve been budgeting like crazy and pinning tiny houses to my pinterest “house inspiration” board and there’s still no way we can own a little piece of land yet.  But I’ve heard if you write it down (which I’ve done literally everywhere – my 5 year goal list, my magic index cards, and my budget “wants” list) it will come true.  Because, apparently, The Secret is real.

So, there it is.  I want a little piece of land.

Any of you guys make something like this happen?  A little cottage in the woods?  A cabin by a lake? A condo near the slopes?  Do you love it? Is it a burden? I worry I’ll never get enough use out of it to make it worth it, but then again, how will I know unless I ask people?

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I’ve created a monster

I can’t remember if I’ve written in depth about the sleep issues we’ve had with Moses since Manny came on the scene, but there were issues.  A lot of them. Moses was having trouble falling asleep, he was waking up between 2-5 times a night crying, he was spending the early morning hours in our bed with Seth while I slept in the spare bed with Manny and it was just awful.

A few weeks ago we bought him a new nightlight – this one from Cloud B.  And we cut his naps at school down to an hour. That solved the not going to sleep until 11pm issue, but the night waking and early morning co-sleeping were still issues and we were just at our wit’s end.  We couldn’t just let him cry because that would wake Manny up and we couldn’t co-sleep because two adults and one leggy toddler in a queen bed is not comfy and so finally after seeing how much he loved winning his potty training bribes, I decided to try it with sleep.  At worst, he wouldn’t sleep through the night and he wouldn’t get a car.  At best, he would sleep through the night and get a $1 prize every morning.

The first night he woke up only once crying and then had a melt down in the morning when I told him he couldn’t have a car because he didn’t make it through.  I gently told him that he could try again tomorrow.  And he sweetly said, “Right, we’ll just try again!” And that next night he did it.  And he got a car.  And the night after and the night after that. And there’s only been 1 night in the last two weeks where he didn’t make it through.

Anyway, this morning Moses stumbled out of his room at 7am and said, “Mommy, I need to tell you something!” and I said, “What, tell me!” And he said, “I slept through the whole night and didn’t cry! Can I have a car?” And I of course I said yes.  Basically, I’m buying sleep for $1 a day.

It’s been a miracle.  And um, now I don’t know what to do.  We will eventually be drowning in hot wheels if I have to keep this up and I don’t want to go back to where we were, but how many cars can one toddler own?

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Tidying, presented by Pixar

This Marie Kondo book has been getting a lot of traction in my twitter and Facebook feed lately.  And I guess I should have realized that it would involve some woo-woo Disney shit because the title is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Right there in the title – MAGIC.  It’s like I’m new here.

I screen grabbed some of her most absurd quotes and posted them on twitter, and then as I was tweeting with people and reading the book simultaneously, I started to slowly, ever so slowly, be charmed by this wackadoo.  She’s very much like a character in a Pixar/Disney production.  It’s interesting.

The gist of the book (I’ll save you the $11) is that you should take stock of every single thing in your home (by category) hold each item and decide whether it brings you joy.  If it doesn’t, it’s out.

But then she gets into some weird stuff about letting your socks relax and talking to your purses… and well, just read this.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.08.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.09.35 PM

Guest Bedding: this is where I was like, OK, lady, CALM DOWN. I’m keeping my spare sheets and you can’t stop me.
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.19.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.04.24 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.33.44 PM

It was about here that I started thinking she has a severe mental illness. Then a friend mentioned that the Shinto belief system has something about treating inanimate objects with respect and then it all started coming together. I had never heard this about “charms.”
Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.41.34 PM

But she lost me again with storing your wet dishes outside. Have you been to LA? Everything is covered in a fine layer of silt from our wonderful air.
Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.39.52 PM

But then I read this story and yeah, she got me back.
Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.52.15 PM

She texted her old phone! And then it died! I’m not made of stone, people.

Anyway, next time you come over, be prepared to hear me thanking my plates and rugs for being good citizens of my home.

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Sunday is your favorite day!

On the way to preschool today, Moses wanted to talk about dinosaurs.  “Let’s talk about dinosaurs.” I asked him what his favorite dinosaur was, “Wednesday!” We laughed. Then we talked about our favorite days of the week, his is Friday. He said daddy’s is Tuesday.  And Manny’s is Wednesday.  And I said I like Friday, too.  He told me I did not like Friday.  So I asked him what my favorite day of the week was.  “Sunday!” I said, “Sunday fun day!” and he said, “No, just Sunday.”  Alrighty, then! This Sunday we went the O.C. to see Seth’s daughter and while there we went to Balboa Fun Zone.  You take this janky ass barge thing across the water to a peninsula that has two carnival rides.  Moses thought we were basically at Disneyland. 2.75 years old is easy to please.

It was definitely a Sunday Fun Day.  Don’t tell Moses I said that. 


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Around the House

Holly just posted this and I am trying to get more writing done here, (I didn’t post once in March, what?) so it’s meme time again.

Household Chore I Actually Enjoy

Well, I’m stumped right out of the gate.  I guess vacuuming? Maybe laundry? But not the folding or the putting away.  Just the putting in the washing machine.  So… I guess I don’t like doing laundry.  Hmm.  This is probably why my friend Andrew had to come clean my apartment that one time when Allie and I lived together and were surrounded by garbage.  It was like “hoarders lite” in there.

Biggest House Disaster

The ledge right when you walk in the door and the mail area.  Both are just dumping grounds and I don’t know how people stay organized in their lives and I blame my parents for not raising me right.

Before Company Comes, I Hide…

I literally thought this was asking me where I hide when company comes, but then I read Holly’s answer and I was like ooooooooh! I hide my drugs.  My friends are junkies. JK.  I don’t know, no one ever comes over anymore.

Most Recent Music Download

Dangerous by Big Data

The Last Thing I Bought Online

Manny is too big for Moses’ hand me down pants.  Like, length wise they’re fine, but they’re too tight on his, um, ass. So I bought him a whole bunch of sweat pants from American Apparel.  Living the dream, Manny, living the dream!

I Hate to Shop For…

Clothes for myself.  I am not at a comfortable weight for me, and I hate trying things on, so I end up buying stuff online and it never looks good but I need something to wear so I just keep it and that is why my closet is full of things I hate.

Favorite Family Ritual…

I’m stumped and that makes me feel terrible.  We don’t have a family ritual!  I must start making rituals!  I think from childhood it was getting home from the Christmas Eve candlelight service, having a tiny glass of Kahlua while we opened our gifts.  Something about being all dressed up, feeling fancy and grown up with the Kahlua and having just sung pretty Christmas hymns made me feel so cozy.  I hope I can find something like that for the boys.

I Sleep In…

This is another one, where I was like, “I sleep in NEVER, I never get to sleep in!” and then I read Holly’s response and I was like, OOOOH.  I sleep in old t-shirts, soft thin pants, and a queen sized bed.

I Have a Style Crush On

Olivia Pope.  I love her white coats.

I’m Currently Reading

When I Found You

How Did I Ever Live Without

My sweet babies.

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Manny – 12 months

Oh, this baby.  He’s such a little snuggly bunny.  His laugh is infectious.  We call it his ‘squirrel laugh’ because there’s something so animal about it, it’s one of my favorite things.  He also has this little nervous, fake laugh that I find so adorable.

I didn’t post his 11 month photo because I just don’t know where the time went (I’m working a lot, that’s where it went). So here it is.

11 Months

This has been a tough year for our family, but not because of this little guy, he’s just the best.  I can’t imagine our family without him.

His birthday ‘party’ was a low key affair and I promise to make it up to him next year, when he can really tell what’s going on.

He’s crawling on all fours, he’s pulling up, he’s not moving much once standing, but if you hold his hands and get him to walk he does this insane stiff legged Frankenstein’s monster walk that makes Moses exclaim, “Manny’s walking!  He’s walking!”

I just can’t wait to see who he becomes, because I just love who he is. 

12 Months

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Lula Bird Dog Head

I haven’t wanted to talk about this yet, because I feel like a terrible person. And there are definitely some people in my life who will say, “yeah, you pretty much suck,” but here goes. We’re re-homing Lula. Today, actually.

We have struggled at home with her, most of it is her normal “dogness.” She barks at the mailman, she barks when the upstairs dog barks, she paces the hallways at night (which wakes up the babies), she thunders up and down the hallways during the day (which wakes up the babies), she wakes up way too early and wants to eat (which wakes up the babies way too early), she stalks the kitchen for scraps which makes Seth crazy (I don’t mind that) and she has been sneaking onto the furniture at night (which also makes Seth crazy).

These things don’t seem like huge deals, but there’s other stuff going on at home and I just want to try to ease the stress in at least one part of our life and since my sister is a saint and has agreed to take her, it seems like a no-brainer.

She’s so good with the boys, but we just don’t have the time to give her. People who don’t get it will say, “Make time! She’s YOUR responsibility.” I just can’t. I don’t have an ounce left. Working full time, with two babies and a stressed out partner has taken all of my time. It’s gone. There’s no time left.

Will Moses and Manny miss her? I think so, yeah. Will I miss her? Well, she’s been my partner through some of the roughest moments of my life, and looking at photos for this post sent me into a tail spin, so I think you could say yes. But do we need to do this anyway? Yeah.

Bye, sweet girl. 

Love Bug


Just chillin'


Things are looking up for Lula.









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