Hey there!

So, you’ve come to my creaky old blog and wanted to read some shit and then you found I had password protected almost everything like some kind of paranoid person. I apologize for that. I made have made mistakes in the past about what I’ve felt like was my story to share and hurt some people. I stand by my (sometimes so terrible and overwrought) writing, because I lived those stories and felt my side was something to share. But, I also think that if somethingĀ I wrote hurts someone, I should honor those feelings.

Anyway, most of my archives are private or password protected now because of the above. But I’m happy to share the password with you! I really am! So, if you want the password just drop me an email at tkblaich at gmail dot com and I’ll send it to you. (Can you help me out and tell me your name and where you’re reading from though? I still have some left over trauma from what went down. I’d say PTSD, but I don’t have that because that is a real thing and I’ve learned not to use that in a flippant way. See, I can learn things!)

I hope you’re having a great day and I also think you are a very cool person.