So, I was at the IDA Awards on Friday night… Check that. I was in my car in the parking lot of the DGA hoping the awards ceremony would start soon because I didn’t know anyone and was feeling like an ass, when Waller called me. He asked what I was doing and when I told him I was hiding in my car hoping my boss wouldn’t realize that I was horrible at mingling when I knew absolutely no one at the event, he told me that he was going to have to give me a mission and that he expected to read about it on the blog.

The Mission: Stop being a baby and go inside. Find one young person (a person that looks about our age) and go up to them. Introduce yourself and ask if they are karaoke friendly. (Waller says we need more friends who like karaoke.)

Here’s what happened.

I went back inside, circled the room trying to look like I was looking for someone and trying my best to look like I belonged there, went to the bar, tried to strike up a conversation with the bartender, no luck, drank a glass of wine and ran into someone as I was trying to throw my empty out. He introduced himself and we talked. I was incredibly charming, he said. I told him that I was a little tipsy. He laughed. He was mostly interested in meeting my boss. As I was turning to find someone a little less interested in meeting my boss and a little more interested in singing karaoke with me and my friends I ran into Michael Moore. Blushing profusely I held out my hand and said, “It’s a really pleasure meeting you. Tamara.” (Or something equally embarrassingly inept like that.) He shook my hand. That man’s hand feels like you could curl up in it and go to sleep. So cozy, his handshake. Since he is like the star of the documentary world he politely said, “I’m Michael Moore,” (Dude. I know.) and was whisked away by an event coordinator. How adorable is that? He introduced himself to me.

Then feeling giddy I went to the bar where they had the tequila. Saw someone who looked vaguely familiar and adorable and introduced myself. He went to USC. He is making an awesome documentary. He said he would sing karaoke if I promised it wouldn’t be in front of a large crowd of strangers. I told him he was going to be my new best friend. (He said he hoped that was true.)

Morgan Spurlock was there. I smiled at him and started to introduce myself, but then got interupted by the lights flicking on and off.

Ten hours later (or what seemed like ten hours) the awards show was over. Arianna Huffington (my new girlfriend) hosted. Michael Moore led the crowd in the Canadian National Anthem (because a lot of people had thanked the Canadian Film Consulate for being there and funding their films).

I recommend the following movies if you can get them in your area.

Oil on Ice
Born into Brothels
Liberia: An Uncivil War (whose director is amazingly charming and good looking and British and I wanted to take him home and put him in a drawer labeled “Hot British Director” but I think he wouldn’t fit in my dresser and my boyfriend probably wouldn’t approve of me buying a big dresser in which to put people, not that he would ever tell me what or what not to buy.)