I have 33 things on my list this year. That… seems ambitious. This year I had 15 goals and I got a few of them accomplished, like getting a mammogram, getting my teeth cleaned, reading 30 books, going on 10 dates with my husband, going to the gym 30 times. Some of them were impossible, like read to the boys every day, floss every day, etc. but I have to say, I did way more than I would have if I hadn’t checked in every week. I’m going to do the weekly check in as well. So often I find that at the end of the year, I look back at my goals and am like, “Oh, whoops, forgot I put that on my list, too late now, tra la la.”

Am I a little embarrassed at what this blog has become? Dude, yes. But also, I plan on being an old lady who wears weird shit and tells young people to lighten the fuck up.


Go to the gym 52 times (I have a lot of weight to lose so that I feel more comfortable in my skin, yes, it’s vain)

Do a home work out 30 times (I have so many DVDs and Netflix, etc. This shouldn’t be hard, but will probably be the hardest one)

Drink 8 glasses of water every day (I hate water, I am chronically dehydrated)

Eat vegetables twice a week (oh, look at me, trying to double my vegetable intake. lol)

Get my steps per day average up to 10,000 by the end of the year (I got a new FitBit and it’s been pretty motivating)

Lose 30 pounds (This is mostly for vanity’s sake, but also, my general health would improve if I lost this weight, I think. I’m hoping to get my blood pressure back to my lower weight levels, and get my back in order)

Get my teeth cleaned (ugh, I know, you’re supposed to do this twice a year, but man, with the kid’s doctors appointments, work and life, HOW. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE)

Floss every day (Ha, we’ll see.)


Go on 10 hikes with the boys (The boys love going hiking, I hope we can find some fun new spots)

Read to the boys every day (I love reading chapter books with them, but Manny still needs children’s books, so it’s been a nice mix the last couple of months, and I enjoy it.)

Go camping with the boys (I’ve never been camping. IN MY WHOLE LIFE.)

Go to the family reunion in Colorado Springs (This seems like it might be financially difficult.)


Host 5 dinner parties (This is going to be insanely hard, but as I was planning Thanksgiving and getting my dishes out, I was like, I love my friends and I want to do this)


Go on 10 dates with S (Getting out with just my husband is so important for our relationship, but sometimes seems so hard with little kids I hardly get to see, but it really makes us feel better about each other)

Go away for the weekend with just S (Hopefully we can cross this off before there’s a new baby in the fam.)


Read 45 books (I read 37 books in 2017 and I feel like this is a good stretch goal)

Get acupuncture 5 times

Get a face care routine down (I never wash my face at night, and last year I did it 30 days in a row in January and then like two more times. The whole year.)

Go on a ladies’ weekend with my sister and Cassie (look, I’m not above putting something on my list that I know I’ll check off)

Do a modern cross stitch project

Take an art class – maybe hand lettering or pottery, OR BOTH (this one is super random, but I have this feeling I’ll really like it)

Get my ears pierced

Find a pattern for a Halloween costume for myself and sew it (I really want to be a Handmaid this year, but Moses and Manny want me to be a vampire…)


Finish my pilot script (It’s a really fun idea and I think the current television landscape is hungry for shows like it)

Finish my adaptation script (This is a fun one too, and I think I have it cracked, just have to crack the whip on myself to get it done)

Submit pilot to Austin Film Festival

Submit pilot to one other tbd screenwriting competition


Do a huge closet purge (My closest is terrible, I don’t remember what is in there and I can never figure out what to wear)

Finish 2015 photo yearbook (I was doing one per year until I stopped, and I really like having them since no one does photo albums anymore, it seems)

Start and finish 2016 photo yearbook

Start and finish 2017 photo yearbook

Do an “old electronics” purge

Finish the afghan that’s been stuffed in my closet for about 10 years