I’ve been compiling a list of the books the boys liked the best this year and thought I’d do a quick Halloween post with a few of our favorites and ask for your suggestions. I love seasonal books and the boys really enjoy Halloween books. They might be my sister’s children. She is a HUGE fan of Halloween. I am just a huge fan of candy. And those Halloween animal skeletons that Target is carrying this year, but I just discovered Amazon also has.

So, please comment if you have a kids’ book you love (or loved) to read during Halloween!

Here are my favorites.

  1. Old Witch Rescues Halloween (oh wow, this must be a rare book the used prices are so high…)
  2. Old Witch and the Polka Dot Ribbon
  3. Creepy Carrots
  4. Room on the Broom
  5. Leo: A Ghost Story
  6. Mouse’s First Halloween
  7. Stellaluna (This isn’t a Halloween story, but it’s a story about a bat! So, kind of on theme.)
  8. It’s Raining Bats and Frogs
  9. Skeleton Hiccups
  10. Night Animals (Another one that isn’t a Halloween story, but for some reason it feels Halloween-y to me)
  11. Spooky Old Tree (This is the first book I remember reading all by myself, my parents hadn’t read it to me before I read it, so it felt like magic. Maybe this is why I like spooky things so much.)

Clearly, I need to do some library building.


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