Happy Father’s Day to those of you who have dads (?) or are dads? I don’t know, who am I supposed to wish this to? Whatever. My husband isn’t my dad (but he could be, zing!) and I wished him happy Father’s Day. So, there you go. I tried to call my dad, but he doesn’t use his cell phone as if it were a phone you can take places, so, he missed my call.

Read to the boys every day. 

I missed two, maybe three days. Also, on Saturday I got so mad at my kids I took all of their toys away. Yes.  All of them. I put them in my room. Then today I was so annoyed that my room was full of toys I gave all of them back to them. I’m truly the worst mother. Happy Father’s Day!

Read 25 books (20/25) (not related to above)

Still reading The Girls, and still waiting for Alexander Hamilton to be available again. Still listening to Faithful Place on audio and I figured out the killer or DID I? I have two and a half hours to go, so there must be another twist… Also I bought Seth The Handmaid’s Tale and It Can’t Happen Here for Father’s Day.

Reduce debt to 45% of credit available (the amount of debt I’m carrying is my biggest stressor)


Get a mammogram

Had to change my appointment because of a network screening at the office. One week to go.

Go to the gym 30 times (22/30)

Only managed one day this week.

15 minutes of standing for every hour sitting at work

Stood for about 3 hours this week. I moved into an actual office (I have an office mate) but I’m no longer sitting in a cube farm. It feels great.

Floss every day

I managed about 3 days.

Eat vegetables one time a week (24/52)

Yes. Ugh.

Break phone addiction (phone off at 10pm at night and away when I’m not taking pictures or checking email at home)

I don’t know.

Get acupuncture 5 times (1/5)

Nothing new to report.

Go on 10 dates with Seth (7/10)

We went to a screening for a movie he cut. We stayed out past midnight. I’m counting it.

Go away without the kids with Seth


100 acts of resistance (41/100)

I continue to mean to call and don’t. JESUS.

1-26 can be found here.

27-35 here.

36-40 here.

41. Donated to a Kickstarter campaign to put on a conference for black writers and readers.


 30 days of face care in a row (30/30) – Finished in January

Get my teeth cleaned (DONE – February 15)

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