What a hellish week last week. Moses had a nasty stomach bug, Manny had a one day fever with hives and I had — stress. My OB changed up my meds on Friday in an effort to help with some stuff I’m going through and after crying for 15 minutes while sitting in a paper gown she recommended therapy and exercise.  She wrote my exercise prescription officially on a prescription pad, so I have to do it.

Read to the boys every day. 

Oh man, I miss the kids. With Moses sick and me working like a lunatic this fell off dramatically. I managed maybe two nights?

Read 25 books (19/25) (not related to above)

I’m in a major rut.  Still reading The Girls, and  Alexander Hamilton.

Reduce debt to 45% of credit available (the amount of debt I’m carrying is my biggest stressor)


Get a mammogram

I had my annual exam and an appointment for a mammogram!

Go to the gym 30 times (13/30)

Mother’s Day I got 17k steps. I went to the gym AND we went on a hike at Will Rogers State Park. If you’re in the LA area, you should check this park out. Great hiking trails, beautiful grassy area to picnic or play frisbee and they have polo on the weekends!

15 minutes of standing for every hour sitting at work

M – 1:22

T – 1:00

W – 0

Th – 0

F – 0

Floss every day


Eat vegetables one time a week (19/52)

Are sweet potato fries a vegetable? How about carrots in bolognese?

Break phone addiction (phone off at 10pm at night and away when I’m not taking pictures or checking email at home)

Hmm. Yeah, still addicted.

Get acupuncture 5 times (1/5)

Nothing new to report.

Go on 10 dates with Seth (6/10)


Go away without the kids with Seth


100 acts of resistance (37/100)

Nothing new here. Jesus, I’m a mess.

1-26 can be found here.

27-35 here.

36.  Donation to Everytown.org on Monday after the San Bernardino shooting at a fucking elementary school.

37. Emailed Kamala Harris re: gun laws. I support a full gun ban. I don’t want to hear about another child/teacher/mother/woman killed by a man with a gun. ENOUGH.


 30 days of face care in a row (30/30) – Finished in January

Get my teeth cleaned (DONE – February 15)

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