Read to the boys every day. 

No, David, and The Mystery of the Missing Peanuts were faves this week and we went on a field trip to The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. If you are a book lover, and live anywhere near, get thee to there. It’s fantastic. The boys were allowed to pick out a book each and both chose comic books. Moses picked a Ninja Turtle comic and Manny a comic called Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur (Non-white main character and a dinosaur, good job, Manny!). I really wanted to say no when I saw the price ($17.99. EACH.) but I feel like books are the one place I cannot put limits. When we got home, they asked me to read their comic books and my love for my children superseded my hate for reading comic books and wow, that was painful. And we only read a few pages each.

Read 25 books (15/25) (not related to above)

I was a little sidetracked by S Town, but I binged it in 3 days and damn. It’s amazing. But! As for reading, I started Devil in the White City, which I have been wanting to read for a long time and already I’m hooked. I started The Girls, another one I’ve heard great things about and can’t wait to really get into. Am I still reading Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen on my phone? Um, not really. My loan expired, and I might go back to it, but probably not. It’s great, just maybe not for me.

Reduce debt to 45% of credit available (the amount of debt I’m carrying is my biggest stressor)

This week we had to let go of our nanny, thankfully she got a job with another family right away, so I didn’t have to have that guilt on me as well. I also took care of some medical bills that had gotten a little… ripe and yeah, my credit cards remain shitty.

Get a mammogram

This is just going to sit here and mock me all year, isn’t it.

Go to the gym 30 times (11/30)

I managed to go on Saturday and it hurt. It’s been too long.

15 minutes of standing for every hour sitting at work

Monday – nothing

Tuesday – nothing

Wednesday – nothing

Thursday – 45 minutes

Friday – 1 hour

Floss every day

Floss, floss, floss.

Eat vegetables one time a week (14/52)

I wonder if I’m the only adult that has to force herself to eat vegetables at least once a week? Because there was a point this week, maybe Wednesday? Where I was like, damnit! I need to eat vegetables.

Break phone addiction (phone off at 10pm at night and away when I’m not taking pictures or checking email at home)

I’m actually doing really well with this, but the binge of S Town put me with my phone for 7 hours and I need to get it back on the charger at 10pm at night again.

Get acupuncture 5 times (1/5)

Nothing new to report.

Go on 10 dates with Seth (6/10)

We had a date night. Went to Taylor’s Steakhouse, which if you’re into steak in a traditional setting, this is your spot, bar none.

Go away without the kids with Seth


100 acts of resistance (35/100)

1-26 can be found here.

27. Called Sen. Harris office to tell them I agree with her calling for AG Sessions’ resignation.

28. Voted in Special Election.

29. Called Sen. Harris to tell her the proposed budget cuts to Meals on Wheels and school lunches for children are unconscionable. (Agreeing with her.)

30. Called Congressman Lieu to express my support of him voting against the replacement for the Affordable Care Act. (3/23/17) [SO FUCKING GLAD IT WAS WITHDRAWN.]

31. Called Congressman Lieu to tell him to vote no on SRres34. (3/28/17) [It still went through, FUCK.]

32 and 33. Faxed Senators Feinstein and Harris to opposed Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. (3/31/17)

34. and 35. Postcard to Trump telling him the “gift” of his salary to NPS was a hollow gift that meant nothing given his proposal to gut the Dept of Interiors budget. Postcard to Feinstein thanking her for her hard work – no on Gorsuch. (4/5/17)


 30 days of face care in a row (30/30) – Finished in January

Get my teeth cleaned (DONE – February 15)

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