Lula has kennel cough (we think).  And is crazy with fleas (we think, Waller saw one last night, but I’ve yet to see any).  She’s not good alone.  I think we might have some complaints over the next couple of days from the neighbors.  She does in fact make noise.  I haven’t heard any loud noise, but there is noise.  She totally sold me out last night and slept on Louie’s side of the bed.  After Louie totally nixing the idea of a dog sleeping on the bed, last night I had to fight him in order to keep ol’ flea bag off the bed.  So, of course Lula slept on the floor on his side of the bed.  I guess it’s good she likes him, since he’s going to be the one taking care of her when I die from the Bubonic flea infestation.

I’m exhausted.  Thank god she’s not a real baby and I can just leave her all day to cry it out.