Waiting for Lula is killing me.  I’ve only had about 15 minutes with her total, so here’s hoping she isn’t an insane killer cocker spaniel who eats people’s faces.  She’s like Hannibal Lecter.  All polite when she’s behind bars but let her out of her cell and it’s eating your liver with a side of fava beans time.

My car broke again this weekend and I spent a few hours looking for a car loan and a car to buy and I almost died from the sheer terror of it all.  I took my car in this morning and it’s only $85 to fix, so my car is spared from a sad death of being chewed up by a big old magnet.

Because I am an insane crazy person, I decided that the dog was the reason my car broke down.  It was some sort of scary bad sign that my dog is a serial killer with cute spaniel ears.  Cutting onions is a good way to cry without really having to get the correct crying emotion to your tear ducts.  Usually when I have money problems I don’t cry, I just get all snappish and sigh a lot.  But I felt like crying so, I made a lasagna for my friends who came over and talked about cooking blogs and comic books.  It was a delicious lasagna if I do say so myself.  My friends liked it too.  There was, however, a catastrophic tiramisu failure, which had me really bummed until I realized baking is not really a beginner sport.  If I want to bake I have to pay attention and not miss steps.  Whereas in cooking if you forget to add the basil, you can just do it later.  Louie saved the day and purchased a tiramisu cake instead.

I have no idea when Lula is going to be able to come home, but as soon as she is, you can bet there will be a lot of dog blogging going on over here.