Read to the boys every day. 

I think I only missed one day. Favorite this week was Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

Read 25 books (5/25) (not related to above)

I finished March Book 1 and read Hamilton: The Revolution this week. March is fantastic and I recommend it.  Hamilton… Oh man, if you love the musical you probably have already read it. If you’re unaware of the musical/haven’t had a chance to listen to it, I’d urge you to read this as soon as you’ve listened to it. If you are a creative person (writer, artist, etc) this book provides a ton of insight on the creative process and I just loved the liner notes. HIGHLY recommend.

Reduce debt to 45% of credit available (the amount of debt I’m carrying is my biggest stressor)

We got a payment from our film distributor for Dark Mountain. If we get 4 more of those (they come quarterly) we’ll finally have paid off all of our investors and can start paying back deferments to our crew. The little check I got (I am an investor) went to the boys’ school and an extra payment to my highest balance card. So that was nice.

30 days of face care in a row (30/30)

DONE! To be honest when I was making sure I drank enough water and got enough sleep and exercise I saw more of a difference than when I was just washing and moisturizing.

Get a mammogram

This is just going to sit here and mock me all year, isn’t it.

Go to the gym 30 times (1/30)

Ha. HAHAHA. I’m off this week so hopefully I’ll get there. We did go hiking yesterday with the boys, so at least we were active? On one day?

15 minutes of standing for every hour sitting at work

I did this for two days. And I have to go in and pick up my desk on Monday (I have the VariDesk and I love it, but I got the GIGANTIC one and it’s a pain in the ass to move from job to job) and hopefully my next show has a desk big enough for my desk.

Get my teeth cleaned


Floss every day

Yup. I’m so sick of flossing.

Eat vegetables one time a week (5/52)

I did pretty well with this, but honestly, there are days where I don’t touch a single vegetable. That’s so sad.

Break phone addiction (phone off at 10pm at night and away when I’m not taking pictures or checking email at home)

Actually pretty great at this, this week. I mean, it helps that every time I step onto Facebook or Twitter I’m assaulted by some new horror our President has wrought. It’s like a shock collar.

Get acupuncture 5 times (0/5)

This week! YAY!

Go on 10 dates with Seth (2/10)

Nothing this week.

Go away without the kids with Seth

We were here. Together. Not away.

100 acts of resistance (14/100)

So, this year so far I’ve:

  1. Marched in the Women’s March in LA
  2. Donated money to an artist creating resistance artwork
  3. Called my Congressman, Ted Lieu, to thank him for boycotting the election
  4. Signed up for Swing Left to volunteer for CA-25 get out the vote activities
  5. Set up automatic monthly donation to ACLU
  6. Donated money to Yosemite National Park
  7. Faxed Dianne Feinstein’s office as I wasn’t able to get through to her LA or her DC office.
  8. Bought three shirts from Jen Tally, 10% of her profits are going to the National Park Service.
  9. Faxed Senator Feinstein’s office (again) re: Sessions and DeVos.
  10. Sent postcards to Senators Feinstein and Harris re: Why I Marched.
  11. Postcard to Trump to release his taxes
  12. Postcard to Trump that he’s wrong about a lot of things. (Quoted President Teddy Roosevelt…)
  13. Called Congressman Ted Lieu to thank him for his opposition to the #muslimban
  14. Postcard to Trump telling him that he should listen to Hamilton, it might help him understand how terrible he is.

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