This was a tough week. In Trump’s first week as President I felt like I was constantly scrambling to keep up with the horror he’d wrought. Most notably the removal of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs from the National Security Council and at the same time adding Bannon. Politics have no place in National Security. The other thing that occupied a lot of brain space was the travel ban on seven Muslim countries, leaving refugees, green card holders and those with visas stranded in custody in airports. Some children separated from their mothers, others without food for hours. This is not the America I grew up with. I’m disgusted and sad and exhausted. It’s only been 9 days.

It feels a little weird to write about my silly goals, but normalcy at home is important.

Read to the boys every day. 

I missed two nights this week, work has been intense and I got home late two days in a row. The book we read most this week was How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? It’s a short one and I’ve needed some short ones lately.

Read 25 books (3/25) (not related to above)

I finished The Road last night. That is certainly not helping my mood. Christ, what a bleak and disturbing read.

Reduce debt to 45% of credit available (the amount of debt I’m carrying is my biggest stressor)

I am just happy I’m able to make my payments on time right now. I did a new debt reduction plan with my USAA membership and it seems like I’ll be able to take some big bites once I get through my week of unemployment.

30 days of face care in a row (29/30)

Still washing my face every night! Still using this fancy face cream.

Get a mammogram

I had to cancel my OBGYN appointment because of work stuff, but I’m going to reschedule for the week I’m off.

Go to the gym 30 times (1/30)

Oh god, this is so embarrassing. Not a single trip. And also not a single day breaking 10k steps. Ugh.

15 minutes of standing for every hour sitting at work

I only stood one day last week. Damn.

Get my teeth cleaned


Floss every day

Yup. I’m so sick of flossing.

Eat vegetables one time a week (4/52)

I only managed to eat veggies 3 of the 7 days. I ran out of spinach so my smoothies were lacking veg. Not this week.

Break phone addiction (phone off at 10pm at night and away when I’m not taking pictures or checking email at home)

I had to step off twitter today because my mood seems to be plummeting rapidly. It was stressful being away from social media, but I’m hoping I can stay off it again tomorrow.

Get acupuncture 5 times (0/5)

I can’t wait until the week I’m off work. I’ll have so many appointments.

Go on 10 dates with Seth (2/10)

Nothing this week.

Go away without the kids with Seth

We were here. Together. Not away.

100 acts of resistance (8/100)

I have renamed this, as the Department of Redundancy Department seemed to think Acts of Active Resistance was a little redundant.

So, this year so far I’ve:

  1. Marched in the Women’s March in LA
  2. Donated money to an artist creating resistance artwork
  3. Called my Congressman, Ted Lieu, to thank him for boycotting the election
  4. Signed up for Swing Left to volunteer for CA-25 get out the vote activities
  5. Set up automatic monthly donation to ACLU
  6. Donated money to Yosemite National Park
  7. Faxed Dianne Feinstein’s office as I wasn’t able to get through to her LA or her DC office.
  8. Bought three shirts from Jen Tally, 10% of her profits are going to the National Park Service.

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