Man, do I miss my mom right now.  I listened to Bill’s speech on my commute home from work (I missed the part that a few pundits are calling creepy) and basically just wept the whole way home.  I turned the TV on when I got home and listened to the end (Bill, it seems, does go on) and told the kids to fight over a ball in the other room and cried some more.

Listening to all of Hillary’s public service achievements was incredible.  And it reminded me of my mom’s funeral service. She did so much, she was such a good person, she volunteered and worked hard and came from so little and taught her daughters to be strong and dammit, I wish she was here so I could call her and say, “Thanks mom.”

We’d probably discuss what is going on with Bill’s teeth.  We’d talk about how he conveniently skipped that part where Hillary stuck by him even though he couldn’t keep it in his pants.  We’d talk about how after everything the Republicans, Berners, and just regular women throw at her she still manages to get out of bed, can we get her psychiatrists number? We’d talk about how we hope she wears something good at the inauguration and how we’d DEFINITELY be there, it is my birthday after all.  We’d talk about how my boys will grow up with a woman in the White House! One who is actually running things! And we’d probably talk about how mad my dad will be when she’s running things.

I miss my mom. I’m so happy for the country today.  For our kids.  For our moms.