It is very freeing to do a password protected post.  That is, until you have to DM everyone the password.  I have to figure out an easier way to do that.  Also, if anyone knows WordPress well enough to explain why people can’t comment, I’d be happy to take that advice.  If not, it’s cool, it’s probably better to just email me or DM me the comments anyway, even though that probably is ALSO kind of a pain in the ass, for you. (That sentence is grammatically the worst I could do, brain not thinky at moment.)

Blogging just ain’t what it used to be.  (Looks over edge of glasses, tries to find cane, shakes martini instead.)

If you want the password and aren’t on twitter, just shoot me an email, there are very few people I won’t give it to, I promise you aren’t one of them.  Unless you are.  And in that case, let’s not make this awkward. Or should we?  It is my actual domain, after all.

Hey, so, what should we talk about now?  Sky is the ACTUAL LIMIT, I don’t know shit about anything beyond that.