I’m writing this thing that takes place in the 1993/1994 school year, and because I have a really bad memory and lost most of my mix tapes from that time, I’m wondering if you can help me out.

What would you have put on a mix tape then?
Did you listen to classic rock? What were the classic rock ballads of the time?
If you didn’t listen to grunge, what were you listening to?
If you listened to country, what was your favorite song both fast (for line dancing – ala “I’ve Got Friends” by Garth Brooks and ballady for couples dances)?
What rap song was your favorite (not including “Nothing but a G Thang)?

I’ve done some research on-line and I know what was in the top 100 in most of these categories, but I’m wondering what some of the older stuff was that you were listening to, or what kind of music that wasn’t necessarily Top 40, was on your mix tape (i.e. for some reason we loved Loggins and Messina’s “House on Pooh Corner” and “Danny’s Song”). If you’re too ashamed to say in public you can e-mail me your answers.

Thanks ever so.