I lost my family’s Oscar pool again. I seriously have to stop listening to industry people talking about upsets and surprises.

At one point during the night when we were making fun of what it took to win one of the short documentary or short subject awards, we came up with an Israeli orphan with AIDs being raised in Palestine by penguins who survived the Holocaust. I think someone needs to write that script.

At another point deep into the show, I had a glass of pink champagne in one hand, a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the other and a tremendous scowl on my face. When holding such riches of alcohol in her hands, a girl should remember to at least smile.

I thought Ellen was a fine host. The speeches were boring as usual, but we had such a loud crowd watching it, I didn’t really hear any of them. My favorite part of the evening was the Will Ferrell, Jack Black, John C. Reilly musical number, despite my current dislike for Jack Black. It was the kind of thing I wish they did more often.