Yesterday, Los Angeles was clean and sparkling and the sky was bright blue. You could see the mountains in the distance and the snow capped peaks beyond them. I always forget how big Los Angeles is, until I can see all of it without a smear of smog.

The show is on again this weekend, and I opted not to go. I was invited, but I think once down the red carpet as a civilian is enough for me. If I’m going again I have to have a really good reason – like I’ve been kidnapped and forced to go to the show as an assassin only to get free just in time to not have to kill Jake Gyllenhaal and instead we fall in love. What, that could happen. (Louie, it would totally be a platonic love.) If you watch all the way to the end I’m supposed to have a credit, so you can look for that, or just trust me. I worked on them.

I’m exhausted. This week was particularly draining for me. The ‘reading ban’ was totally not done. I think I cheated every single day. Reading is like breathing for me, sometimes I would find myself reading something and not even realize I had picked up a magazine. It made me so resentful of the program that I actually stopped writing. I think I’m back on the wagon though, so, fingers crossed.

Have a lovely weekend.