I’m supposed be on a reading hiatus this week for the stupid Artist’s Way that I tried once before, and I failed miserably.  Already today I’ve read a couple of blogs, checked my e-mail and altogether cheated.  Already.  Day one.

Anyway.  It’s lame to be on a reading hiatus, because guess what I did today instead – I watched 5 hours of television.  Like I had to prove this bitch wrong about how not reading was going to help me find other things to fill my time.  Oh, I filled it all right.  Take that, lady!  HA!

Now we’re off to a “Three’s Company” party, and normally I hate dressing up, and avoid any semblance of ‘party’ parties, but tonight I thought, “What would Scott and Jenn do?”  And my answer was, “They live in Brooklyn so fuck ’em.”  And then I pulled my hair into pig tails, put on frosty pink lip stick and threw on the poncho Allie gave me for Christmas and decided half-assing it was way better than not assing it all.  So, Scott and Jenn, um, when are you guys moving out here so I have someone to call when I need a costume?  It’s too hot here for Louie to wear a jacket tonight, isn’t that the kind of weather that might make you just a tad bit jealous and throw up your hands, pack up your car and move your shit here?  Come.  On.