I posted a link on FaceBook earlier today – it was a New York Times review type thing of my show. And I said, “I can’t count the number of times someone has told me, “I HATE reality TV,” immediately after I’ve told them I work in reality TV. (Note: Stop doing that people, it’s very rude.)” And I thought I’d repeat it here, because, damn, some people are really rude.

I feel a certain kinship with lawyers because of this.  I feel like reality TV producers and lawyers are the only two professions where it’s socially acceptable to straight up say to our faces, “You’re basically garbage.  A garbage human. A human piece of garbage.”

The same people who say they hate reality TV usually go on to say they NEVER watch it, ugh, how could they ever watch such shit? And I am still there with a frozen smile on my face wondering how to get away from them and find the lawyers because we can just laugh and drink our expensive booze in peace.

So, next time you ask someone what they do, if you aren’t prepared to politely say, “Oh! That’s very interesting, tell me more about it,” don’t ask.

You’re welcome, America.