My mom finally called me to give me the recipes I requested. She’s so like me. She had the e-mail. She made a copy of the recipe. And then just couldn’t finish the last steps. It cracks me up, because when I procrastinate and feel overwhelmed by too many steps, I just freeze up and can’t finish, or answer the e-mail, or pretty much stop thinking about how I need to get it done. Now I know where I get it from.

So my mom and I are talking on the phone and she’s giving me the ingredients. 1 cup of mayonnaise, she reads out. I stop her.

“No, mom. I wanted the whipped cream recipe.”
“Oh, it’s coming.”
“Wait. This recipe has mayonnaise and whipped cream? And we ate it?”
“Everyone loves it. I’ve never had a complaint about this recipe.”
“That’s because it has 10,000 calories and 50 grams of fat per serving. This pasta salad is worse for you than fudge covered in a cup of butter.”
“I know. I only make it once a year.”
“Once a year? You should only make it once a lifetime.”

So she continues reading me the instructions. One of them is – Right before serving, whip the cream and fold into the salad.

“Mom, can I do that before hand?”
“well… how long before they’ll eat it?”
“I don’t know.”
“You should do it right before, or it won’t look as nice or taste as good.”
“Mom. This is LA. No one will eat it if they see me adding whipped cream to a salad that already has mayonnaise.”
“Oh. Well you should just bring the tortellini salad then, everyone likes that too.”

So I’m torn. On the one hand, nothing can beat that whipped cream salad. Nothing. On the other hand, whipping cream on ‘location’ can be a bit tough, and jeopordize the popularity of the salad. On one hand, the tortellini salad is delicious, but then I’ll have to toast almonds and for some reason that seems really hard to me. On the other hand, this salad is very good.

I’m starting to think I’ll chicken out and bring salt, tequila and margarita mix. Those are steps I know I can complete.