I have a very long to do list for this week, because in a mere 7 days (barring anything crazy) I’m going to be holding a new little baby!  A fresh one!  Right out of the oven!  This is both terrifying and exciting.

I have been sleeping terribly, I have heartburn again, and the hot weather has me pretty swollen, so I’m pretty excited about baby extraction date.

My bedroom is a mess – I don’t know what to do with all of these baby clothes.  I don’t have a dresser for New Baby, because I’m thinking they can share, but we won’t be using Moe’s dresser as a changing table because as I recall there were plenty of middle of the night diaper changes and I’m not about to go barging into Moe’s room to change a diaper, his sleep is precarious enough as it is.  I like having an actual dedicated changing area because I found with c section recovery changing the baby anywhere but a table was too hard.  And blah blah blah, no space in our giant duplex, blah, this is not a real problem, but my life is very small now that I’m not working so the little problems get a lot of thought.  YOU’RE WELCOME.

I have my last doctor appointment today, man, I’m going to miss seeing my doctor every week after I’m all done with this pregnancy.  I really love her so much, not enough to be pregnant again, but a lot.

Also, I’m a still little sad about this being my last pregnancy.  I mean, obviously, anything can happen (I know women with IUD babies, vasectomy babies, and a tubal ligation baby…) but as uncomfortable as this pregnancy has been, and fraught with second baby worries (can we really afford this?) I love feeling the little guy moving around in there and it doesn’t seem all that fair that I won’t get to experience that again.  But I have the same longing feelings about Moses, I love this age he’s at, just starting to form small sentences, being devilish and devious but in that toddler way that is so charming that it’s hard to put down rules and not laugh.  God, he’s the best.  And this new baby, he’ll be the best too, but in his own way.  And how can I have the two best babies?  Is it really possible?  I can’t wait to meet him and see what he’s all about.  What will he be like?