So, I’m 37 weeks.  My bag is packed, except I forgot to pack New Baby’s coming home outfit.  I guess he’ll have to wear that dumb shirt the hospital puts on all the babies (that I saved for a long time and then was like, this shirt is dumb and ill fitting, BYE) and a blanket if I go into labor right this moment.  Or, you know, Seth can just pick up an outfit from the 3,000 we have left over from Moe at the house.

I am mostly just trying to manage Seth’s anxiety right now.  He is FUH-reaked out about our little petri dish (AKA Moe) getting the baby sick.  Which, I get, but um, let’s try to remain calm until Moses like sneezes into the baby’s mouth or something, right?  (I knew who I was marrying, but damn, let’s up the xanax, amiright?) I have cried a lot about this and now I’m just sort of Capricorning ahead as Capricorns do, you know, with their horns, up that mountain, bleating.

I forgot to mention that last week I lost a little weight due to the head cold that wouldn’t quit and this week I’ve done my duty and gained it back.  This baby is going to come out Cheeto colored and taste like cheesecake and Taco Bell, YUM (?).

On the way to daycare we heard a song called Family Tree by Frances England* and Moses loved it.  He was singing along.  Is there anything cuter than a baby singing a song they don’t know, quietly, and with purpose?  I don’t think so.  The song is about how this little kid’s family of three is growing a new branch, awww, and yeah, I might have cried a little.  SUE ME.

Here’s some photos, official and otherwise of my big ol’ baby belly.

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