We had the big structural ultrasound today, and aside from a pocket of spinal fluid that had New Baby had other weirdness going on could indicate Trisomy 18, everything looked good.  I can’t remember the technical term for it, something cyst, and our doctor was very, very low key about it, but Seth doesn’t like anything out of the ordinary to be mentioned so he went into an anxiety spiral even though we have our MaterniT21 test results that say no signs of chromosomal disorders are indicated.

Anyway!  I am also trying not to get sucked into an anxiety spiral about it, because well, that can’t be good for New Baby.

Here’s the creepy 4D ultrasound.

20 Weeks 4 days

And here’s my dumpy 20 week photo.


I wish I felt better about the way I look, but hey, we can’t all be those women who only gain weight in their baby region, can we?  (CAN WE?  I’m ASKING…)

New Baby has been moving enough that I can feel him here and there.  He’s positioned similarly to the way Moe was, which is oddly comforting for some reason.  All of my babies kick on the right side.

So, calming thoughts for Seth would be appreciated and spinal fluid going back to where it’s supposed to be thoughts for New Baby are also welcome.  (It’s not that it’s where it shouldn’t be it’s just not been absorbed.  I don’t know, I glaze over during these things and then am too scared to look them up after.)