I have had a cold for what feels like a month, but has really only been about 5 days so everything seems terrible and that means I might actually have a man cold.

Last week I didn’t have to use my Zofran AT ALL.  And aside from puking last Monday morning, I have not puked since!  Things seem so much better now.  Well, not counting that man cold I caught.

I felt some definite baby flutters last week while in a super reclined position at my desk at work and now and again I’ve felt what might have been baby, might have been large intestine.

I finally weighed myself last week and found that I gained 5 pounds, all that queso in Austin seems to have nicely found a home in my thighs.  But this morning no movement on the scale so I remain only 8 pounds heavier than I was last pregnancy at 19 weeks.  For some reason that comforts me.

I am definitely looking bigger but I think if you didn’t know me you might just assume I’ve been hitting the ice cream a little too hard these past couple of weeks.

Here is the bump photo!

19 weeks