So, first things first, I’m pregnant!

Ok, phew, that’s out of the way.  Let’s get to how I got here.

On Thursday, I started feeling pretty crappy, bloated, short of breath, and my ear which had been bothering me for about a week was starting to worry me.  Yeah, the ear I got a new ear drum in. So, I called my ear doctor and couldn’t get in until November 1. And I called my GP, was able to get right in, and began to play phone tag with my fertility doctor, the doctor I really wanted to see because I was getting worried about the increasing size of my stomach.  It basically looks like I swallowed a pillow.

There was a lot of phone tag and finally while I was sitting in my GP’s office my fertility doctor called and told me to come over as soon as I was done there.  Thankfully, they are right around the corner from each other. My GP listened to my lungs and didn’t hear any signs of pneumonia and talked to my fertility doctor on the phone and blah, blah, diagnosis stuff.

So I finally waddled into my fertility doctor’s office and the only person left to take my blood was the lab manager, the guy that usually handles the sperm and he took one look at my stomach and was like, “WOAH.”  I was like, “It’s not me! It’s water!” and he was like, “No kidding, lady, we might have to drain you.”  Which, ew.

After getting jabbed, I had an ultrasound, the kind where they put goop on your stomach and press really hard on your painfully bloated belly and take pictures of your fluid engorged organs. And tell you to hold your breath.  Your short breath.

By this point I’m getting a little freaked out about the possibility of a gigantic needle being put in my stomach and drawing out fluid, because seriously, as often as I get blood drawn and have injected myself with medication, big needles freak me the fuck out.

I was called back into another exam room and my doctor, who I think I’ve never mentioned before wears denim scrubs…, took a look at me and was like, “You look uncomfortable.”  He explained that this sort of thing usually happens when you get as many eggs as I had, but generally immediately after retrieval, not like 8 days later.  And then he casually mentions, usually this means you’re pregnant.  I was like, yeah, sure, I’m sure that I’m the rare exception to this rule and not actually pregnant just look like I’m close to full term.

He left the room for my labs and came back with a pregnancy test – PREGNANT.

I had another appointment this morning, they looked at my fluid-y organs again, and did more blood work.  I got the results back, and the numbers are good according to the doctor.

Now, more waiting while we see if I stay pregnant.  If you recall, I’ve been this amount of pregnant before.