I decided that for the housewarming Sangria would be the easiest and most effective way to get people drunk enough that they no longer noticed the little things I didn’t get to. Like steaming the carpets. And possibly brushing my hair.

Tara said she made a very successful Sangria batch for her BBQ that I was too drunk to attend on the 4th of July:

Tara’s Sangria – serves several

What you need:
2 big pitchers
4 bottles of cheapish Spanish wine (go to Trader Joe’s, they have a large selection, I used some kind of Castillian red. It was around $4.99 a bottle.)
1/2 bottle of Brandy (thankfully, I already had this in my liquor cabinet.)
1 bottle of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Lemonade
1 bottle of Trader Joe’s Sparkling Cranberry
2 or so apples
2 or so oranges
2 or so peaches

Cut up the fruit and evenly distribute it in the pitchers.
Add the brandy and wine (also evenly distributed)
Let it sit in the fridge over night (I started it this morning because I’m a lazy sack)
Before serving add the sparkling lemonade and cranberry and hope for the best!

I’ll let you know how drunk people get. Right now I’m a little nervous I didn’t put enough fruit in there, but I’m trying to remain calm.