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Published by admin on 18 Feb 2018

2018: Week 7 of 52

Another school shooting, another week in America.


Go to the gym 52 times (8/52)

I didn’t make it to the gym this week. I am struggling with some depression stuff and getting out of the house is a big symptom. I’m hoping this week brings some better brain feeling.

Do a home work out 30 times (1/30)


Drink 8 glasses of water every day

I think I averaged about 2 glasses a day.

Eat vegetables twice a week 

Yup. Barely.

Get my steps per day average up to 10,000 by the end of the year

I averaged 10274 this week, bringing my total average back to 9806, I’m hoping to be over 10000 again next week.

Lose 30 pounds

No weigh in this week.

Get my teeth cleaned

I need to find a new dentist and that is daunting.

Floss every day

Couple times!


Go on 10 hikes with the boys (1/10)


Read to the boys every day

We are on book #3 of The Magic Treehouse series. The boys are loving it.

Go camping with the boys

I made reservations for a campsite near the beach for the summer! I hope we can make it actually happen.


Host 5 dinner parties

Nothing to report here.


Go on 10 dates with S (1/10)

Nothing new here.

Go away for the weekend with just S



Read 45 books (7/45)

Still listening to Beauty Queens on audio. I started and finished The Answers, S gave it to me for Christmas (or was it my birthday, not important) and it’s good, but it’s also sort of weird and unsatisfying. Have any of you read it? Tell me what I’m supposed to think.  This is one of those, I’d benefit by having a book club to talk about it with. And I finally got Iron Gold from the library! Can’t wait to dive into it this week.

You can find my “to read” pile on my goodreads page linked on the sidebar, or here on my blog (I add to it about once a month).

Get acupuncture 5 times


Get a face care routine down

You guys, I barely showered this week, much less dealt with my face. One night S said I looked 80 years old. So, that was nice.

Go on a ladies’ weekend with my sister and Cassie

My sister did the nicest thing and for my birthday is buying my plane ticket to our Ladies’ Annual Convention of Important Lady Things.

Do a modern cross stitch project

Still haven’t ordered my patterns yet. Gotta book that next job before I can buy anything. Ugh.

Take an art class – maybe hand lettering or pottery, OR BOTH

Nothing here, see above. Gotta get a job so I can pay for this…

Find a pattern for a Halloween costume for myself and sew it

I found a great pattern for a vampire cape AND a hooded robe that I could use for my Handmaid’s costume, and I pulled out the pattern this week to look at it, got overwhelmed then I couldn’t get it folded back up and damn, I am going to need a support group to get through this thing, I think.


Finish my pilot script

I didn’t do any writing this week.

Finish my adaptation script

I didn’t do any writing this week.

Submit pilot to Austin Film Festival

Submit pilot to one other tbd screenwriting competition


Do a huge closet purge

So! I emptied and re-organized the closet in what used to be Manny’s room and is now the play room, I made enough space in there, that I think I can move some lesser used clothing from my overstuffed closet in there, and my fabric that is taking up too much room! Progress!

Start and finish 2016 photo yearbook

I started getting photos from my phone onto my computer and lord, it is a painfully hard process to narrow it down.

Start and finish 2017 photo yearbook

Nothing here

Do an “old electronics” purge

I need to find a place to take them. Ugh.

Finish the afghan that’s been stuffed in my closet for about 10 years

I didn’t do any work on this, this week, but I’m hoping to finish it this week. We’ll see!


Get my ears pierced (Completed – 1/2/18)

Finish 2015 photo yearbook (Completed – 1/5/18)

Go to the family reunion in Colorado Springs (Cancelled until 2019)

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