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Published by admin on 28 Jan 2017

Flipping out on the inside

I’m angry.

I’m worried for the refugees.

I’m feeling very little hope about the future of our democracy.

I have two little kids.

I did laundry and filled my gas tank because a (probably right wing) prepper website gave me a list of things I could do today.

I cleaned out three cupboards and my closet because I can’t sit still.

I faxed Dianne Feinstein because I’ve been trying to call all week and I can’t get through.

I definitely should not be reading The Road right now.

I packed a backpack with necessities in case I’m stuck at work when disaster strikes, but then I thought about The Road and hoped if nuclear war happensĀ that I’ll just be incinerated in the first round.

Everything is completely hopeless.

Published by admin on 02 Jan 2017

Protected: 2017 Goals

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