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Published by admin on 30 Nov 2007

Seven Weird Things

Oh, if only there were just seven things that are weird about me.

1.  Up until one week ago, I mercilessly chewed the inside of my cheek.  It’s a nervous tick, and at one point, after 20 years of doing it, I thought I might actually chew a hole through my cheek.  I gave up the right side early this year.  I only allowed myself to chew on the left side.  Then a week ago, I made myself stop.  I love the taste of my own flesh, I guess, but now, I love to run my tongue over the newly smooth skin.

2.  I have old lady feet.  I don’t want to gross you tender hearted people who are squicked out by feet, but there are bunions.  At a young age I forced my feet into heels that were just a touch too tight, for a Key Club Convention formal.  (NERD!)

3.  I have a big ugly mole in the crux of my arm almost in my armpit.  Sometimes I want to shave it off, and sometimes I find myself twiddling it.

4.  If I carry a purse of any weight over my shoulder I get a fierce knot in my upper back between my neck and my shoulder.  I used to have to go to physical therapy for the knot.  Physical therapy made me feel extremely special.  Now I just carry my bag in my hand.

5.  I cannot stand the sound your mouth makes.  If I’m in a crowded restaurant, I can’t hear the chewing, but if it’s just you and me, look out, I might have to leave the room.  The smacking and the saliva and the crunching feels like tiny needles in my hairline and under every pore of my skin.  I made my dad throw out a package of gummy bears he was squishing through on a trip to North Dakota, I thought I would die if he ate one more.

6.  Ditto for the crinkling of a bag of chips or really any cellophane or plastic bag.  I even hate it if it’s my own bag that is making the crinkle.  The sound is unbearable to me.

7.   For about 10 years I could not stomach the sight of fat spaghetti.  I could only eat Capellini or angel hair.  I have no idea what brought it on, and no idea what made my disgust stop.

Now I’m supposed to tag more people, but that makes me uncomfortable.  I will say, the blogger who tagged me, Cake and Icing, is one of my new favorites.  Thanks, Shea!

Published by admin on 29 Nov 2007

Zero Boyfriends

When I was a kid I had three very involved games that I would play.  They were as follows.

1. Restaurant – This is probably self explanatory, but I’m going to explain anyway.  My grandparents had one of those kitchens with a little window that had those wooden slatted folding doors you could open and close with a counter on the other side.  They also had swinging saloon type doors into the kitchen.  Since I grew up without cable, I watched a lot reruns and Mel’s Diner was one of my favorites.  Whenever we went to my Grandma’s I would make up elaborate menus, order tickets and start slinging some hash with a side of sass.

2. Paper dolls – My other grandparents had a lack of good toys around the house.  But they did have a book called “Marjorie’s Vacation.”  In that book there is a long description of how Marjorie would amuse herself by making her own paper dolls out of the Sears Roebuck catalogue.  She would take a shoe box and make a house for them too.  I think as soon as I read that description I went dashing to my grandma and asked for the Sears Roebuck catalogue.  They actually still made it back in the 80s and, of course, my grandma still received it.  Tavia and I would sit in the basement for days poring through it and the Skymall magazine or its equivalent.  Cutting out ladies in night gowns, dogs on plaid dog beds.  Comfy looking couches.  Anything our little houses needed we could deliver.  I still look at catalogues the same way.

3.  Library – I made little library pockets and library check out cards for all of my books.  Then I would check them out to imaginary people with due dates and everything.  I would sit for hours in my bedroom reorganizing my bookshelves in some kind of imagined Dewey decimal system.

I think it’s safe to say I had an active inner life as a child.

Published by admin on 23 Nov 2007

And I’m so thankful for my friends

I might never cook a turkey again. It took forever. My only thought was it wasn’t completely thawed before I started cooking it. That or there was a bit of confusion as to where the thermometer actually was supposed to go.

Breast down

It looked pretty. We started with it breast down, but the breast wasn’t getting to the right temp, so I flipped it.

Turkey - Breast down

The gravy came out so ridiculously salty that it was almost inedible. We soldiered on.

Champagne cures all ills

The successes were the easy dishes, the mashed potatoes, the stuffing, the rolls and the cranberries. Oh, and the champagne, definitely the champagne. One must always remember to have several bottles of champagne at the ready, no one will remember the turkey or the gravy after that.

Funny turkey

After dinner we went to the weird festival of lights in Griffith Park. We walked down there and almost gave up, but if we had, we would have missed the awesomeness of the artists interpretation of the awesomeness of LAX, which is almost an identical representation of LAX.


My hangover is just fierce enough to make me regret all of those damned dishes. But it was a great night. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

DWP light festival