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Published by Tamara on 29 Mar 2007

Lula, the crack puppy

Dumb dog, why are you following me?
I ain’t got a crumb dog, why won’t you just let me be?

Lula is a smart dog with some serious back story that unfortunately she can’t verbalize to us. How someone would let her get so ridiculously flea infested, so dirty, and so crazily timid makes me really sad. The worst part is she’s one of the lucky ones. I’m still kind of haunted by the pit bull in the kennel next to hers who was freaking out and barking, and when I approached his kennel and let him sniff my hand he sat politely and licked me. I know pit bulls get a bad rap, but I have never been afraid of them. After dog sitting for four of them simultaneously (two rescues of unknown origin) I’ve really learned to love the breed. They are characters of a different order. There’s something so charming about their big heads and their crazy smiles. He is probably not going to make it to a good home.

One of the reasons Louie said it was OK to get a dog was because I told him I’ve won many, many blue ribbons in obedience with my dog Esta. Which, I know what you’re thinking, is actually true and not a gross exageration. I  won our county’s dog show in both obedience and show for 4-H and I went to the State Finals, where Esta was over shadowed by the dogs who weren’t actually better than her, just from bigger programs. (Yes, I was a total country girl nerd. I also showed my horse and our neighbors raised pigs in the 4-H program. My best friend raised a sheep and was so sad when she had to sell her for slaughter she had her grandpa buy it, totally defeating the purpose of the 4-H lesson.) Esta was an amazing dog, a total mutt, and really irreplaceable, and I had all the time in the world to train her. Things I totally forgot as I was struggling with a simple lesson for Lula. Lula and I have been working on her need to rush out of any door in front of me. This morning she managed to make me spill my coffee all over her and her (empty) poo bag, me, my shoes. It was a lesson for me too, never bring the full cup for the walk. Lula’s still operating on fear so it’s going to take a while, but I am a firm believer in the “start early and be consistent” school of thought. It’s tough because I want her to feel safe and part of the pack, but I also don’t want to have to untrain bad habits. She’s already pretty firmly imprinted on me and I’d like her to be a bit more independent in the future, but she’s only been with us for two days. I guess that would be a big sign that I need to take my xanax and let her adjust.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dog to work with, so I’m really looking forward to the obedience classes and can’t wait for the manners classes to be mostly learned. I know it takes time, I’m starting to remember the long, long days of trying to get Esta to do a long down stay. She was seriously not interested in laying down for it, and it made me crazy. She would stand for examination like nobody’s business though, stand all damned day if you wanted her to.

So, me and Lula have a long road in front of us, but I think she’s going to surprise me in many ways and hopefully, I’ll be able to surprise her, too.

Published by Tamara on 28 Mar 2007

The New Baby Kept Me Up all Night

Lula has kennel cough (we think).  And is crazy with fleas (we think, Waller saw one last night, but I’ve yet to see any).  She’s not good alone.  I think we might have some complaints over the next couple of days from the neighbors.  She does in fact make noise.  I haven’t heard any loud noise, but there is noise.  She totally sold me out last night and slept on Louie’s side of the bed.  After Louie totally nixing the idea of a dog sleeping on the bed, last night I had to fight him in order to keep ol’ flea bag off the bed.  So, of course Lula slept on the floor on his side of the bed.  I guess it’s good she likes him, since he’s going to be the one taking care of her when I die from the Bubonic flea infestation.

I’m exhausted.  Thank god she’s not a real baby and I can just leave her all day to cry it out.

Published by Tamara on 27 Mar 2007

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they feeding you?

Lula came home today.  She is filthy, has fleas, is close to being obsessed with her stitches and, to be frank, smells.  It’s kind of like I adopted myself, though, I don’t think I’ve ever had fleas.  For long.

So – The Stats – She has yet to make a sound or a number two.  She enjoys snausages, and water, but is unsure of the Science Diet Small Bites Adult Dog Food.  She is not a fan of anyone but me, but tolerates people shyly.  She is really fucking smart.  I gave her a few lessons about walking on the left side and sitting, and she totally remembered them when I took her back out again.  She is laying next to me on the couch right now, smelling up the place and possibly giving the couch fleas.  There’s not really much I can do about it until tomorrow, when I get my Advantage supply.   I think she’s a good dog, and we have a bright future together.

Louie likes her, too.

Published by Tamara on 26 Mar 2007

Anxiety, suspense and lasagna

Waiting for Lula is killing me.  I’ve only had about 15 minutes with her total, so here’s hoping she isn’t an insane killer cocker spaniel who eats people’s faces.  She’s like Hannibal Lecter.  All polite when she’s behind bars but let her out of her cell and it’s eating your liver with a side of fava beans time.

My car broke again this weekend and I spent a few hours looking for a car loan and a car to buy and I almost died from the sheer terror of it all.  I took my car in this morning and it’s only $85 to fix, so my car is spared from a sad death of being chewed up by a big old magnet.

Because I am an insane crazy person, I decided that the dog was the reason my car broke down.  It was some sort of scary bad sign that my dog is a serial killer with cute spaniel ears.  Cutting onions is a good way to cry without really having to get the correct crying emotion to your tear ducts.  Usually when I have money problems I don’t cry, I just get all snappish and sigh a lot.  But I felt like crying so, I made a lasagna for my friends who came over and talked about cooking blogs and comic books.  It was a delicious lasagna if I do say so myself.  My friends liked it too.  There was, however, a catastrophic tiramisu failure, which had me really bummed until I realized baking is not really a beginner sport.  If I want to bake I have to pay attention and not miss steps.  Whereas in cooking if you forget to add the basil, you can just do it later.  Louie saved the day and purchased a tiramisu cake instead.

I have no idea when Lula is going to be able to come home, but as soon as she is, you can bet there will be a lot of dog blogging going on over here.

Published by Tamara on 24 Mar 2007

Meet Lula

Lula - Rescued

Published by Tamara on 23 Mar 2007

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Published by Tamara on 20 Mar 2007

Protected: Rudy and Theo – Magic Fish

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