I might never cook a turkey again. It took forever. My only thought was it wasn’t completely thawed before I started cooking it. That or there was a bit of confusion as to where the thermometer actually was supposed to go.

Breast down

It looked pretty. We started with it breast down, but the breast wasn’t getting to the right temp, so I flipped it.

Turkey - Breast down

The gravy came out so ridiculously salty that it was almost inedible. We soldiered on.

Champagne cures all ills

The successes were the easy dishes, the mashed potatoes, the stuffing, the rolls and the cranberries. Oh, and the champagne, definitely the champagne. One must always remember to have several bottles of champagne at the ready, no one will remember the turkey or the gravy after that.

Funny turkey

After dinner we went to the weird festival of lights in Griffith Park. We walked down there and almost gave up, but if we had, we would have missed the awesomeness of the artists interpretation of the awesomeness of LAX, which is almost an identical representation of LAX.


My hangover is just fierce enough to make me regret all of those damned dishes. But it was a great night. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

DWP light festival