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Published by admin on 21 Feb 2015

Lula Bird Dog Head

I haven’t wanted to talk about this yet, because I feel like a terrible person. And there are definitely some people in my life who will say, “yeah, you pretty much suck,” but here goes. We’re re-homing Lula. Today, actually.

We have struggled at home with her, most of it is her normal “dogness.” She barks at the mailman, she barks when the upstairs dog barks, she paces the hallways at night (which wakes up the babies), she thunders up and down the hallways during the day (which wakes up the babies), she wakes up way too early and wants to eat (which wakes up the babies way too early), she stalks the kitchen for scraps which makes S crazy (I don’t mind that) and she has been sneaking onto the furniture at night (which also makes S crazy).

These things don’t seem like huge deals, but there’s other stuff going on at home and I just want to try to ease the stress in at least one part of our life and since my sister is a saint and has agreed to take her, it seems like a no-brainer.

She’s so good with the boys, but we just don’t have the time to give her. People who don’t get it will say, “Make time! She’s YOUR responsibility.” I just can’t. I don’t have an ounce left. Working full time, with two babies and a stressed out partner has taken all of my time. It’s gone. There’s no time left.

Will Moses and Manny miss her? I think so, yeah. Will I miss her? Well, she’s been my partner through some of the roughest moments of my life, and looking at photos for this post sent me into a tail spin, so I think you could say yes. But do we need to do this anyway? Yeah.

Bye, sweet girl. 

Love Bug

Just chillin'

Things are looking up for Lula.





Published by admin on 08 Nov 2011

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Published by admin on 31 Mar 2008

Grumpy Old Dog

A couple of days ago marked the anniversary of bringing a little black dog into my life. She and I have been through a lot in the last couple of months and I have to say, having her around has made everything a little harder and a little easier.

In this photo she’s just about to mouth off to me. It’s adorable and annoying. I want to snuggle her and shush her.

Grumpy old dog

When I get home from work I have her hop onto the bed so I can put her leash on without having to bend over. (Wow, writing it out like that makes me seem really lazy. Hahaha. “Seem.”) And if I’m lucky, she puts her paws on my shoulders and huffs into my face. I think she’s probably saying, “Thank the gods woman, I really need to take a piss.” But maybe she’s saying, “Thank you for rescuing me. I like what you did with your hair. Maybe we should cook some bacon tonight, you look really pretty when you cook bacon.”

Someone needs a haircut

Published by Tamara on 24 Mar 2007

Meet Lula

Lula - Rescued