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Published by Tamara on 07 Dec 2005

Bourbon Balls – Recipe for disass

1 Package Chocolate chips
3 tablespoons corn syrup
1/2 cup bourbon (my mom wrote “or Orange Juice”…I guess for the alcoholic Future Me)
2 1/2 cups crushed vanilla wafers
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup chopped nuts

Melt chocolate chips in double boiler. Add bourbon and corn syrup. Pour liquid over pre-mixed dry ingredients. (Then mix it? I don’t know, she doesn’t say, but I guess, yes.) Let stand in refrigerator for 1/2 hour. Roll into balls and then roll in granulated sugar. Store in covered container (or eat immediately) several days to 3 weeks. (Apparently 3 weeks is as long as they can stand being not in your belly, though I cannot imagine they would ever last that long.)

UPDATE: When I made these I accidentally forgot/intentionally ignored the powdered sugar and they came out fine. For some reason I thought it was a misprint, but apparently, after talking to my mom, I learned that it was an ingredient I was supposed to add. I’m guessing you could leave it out if you wanted to save on calories, but at a certain point, you’re eating chocolate… so you might as well go for it.

Published by admin on 27 Jun 2005

Something Old, Something British

My thesis film, “Something Old, Something British,” got into the Long Island International Film Festival. I had been pretty disappointed up to this point. Getting rejection letter after rejection letter from film festivals across the country tends to make you feel bad about yourself and your film.

I plan on attending the film festival and feel a little selfish about that. I have been pushing back my trip to Seattle over the last month because of money concerns and scheduling issues with work, etc. So now I am planning on dropping everything for a few days to go to a damned film festival. The guilt is killing me. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that family is more important than anything. More important than your career, more important than money, and definitely more important than a film festival. So I have a ticket. To go to the film festival. I wonder how karma will repay me for this.

My film plays on July 16th, at the late screening, 11:45PM, which, I know, is not the most convenient time for people, but I’m really excited to be in the festival so I hope some of the New York contingent can make it. If not, I totally understand.

If you have any questions e-mail me.

Published by admin on 14 Dec 2004

Protected: The Obligatory Hanukkah Entry

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Published by admin on 13 Dec 2004

Waller gave me a mission and I chose to accept it

So, I was at the IDA Awards on Friday night… Check that. I was in my car in the parking lot of the DGA hoping the awards ceremony would start soon because I didn’t know anyone and was feeling like an ass, when Waller called me. He asked what I was doing and when I told him I was hiding in my car hoping my boss wouldn’t realize that I was horrible at mingling when I knew absolutely no one at the event, he told me that he was going to have to give me a mission and that he expected to read about it on the blog.

The Mission: Stop being a baby and go inside. Find one young person (a person that looks about our age) and go up to them. Introduce yourself and ask if they are karaoke friendly. (Waller says we need more friends who like karaoke.)

Here’s what happened.

I went back inside, circled the room trying to look like I was looking for someone and trying my best to look like I belonged there, went to the bar, tried to strike up a conversation with the bartender, no luck, drank a glass of wine and ran into someone as I was trying to throw my empty out. He introduced himself and we talked. I was incredibly charming, he said. I told him that I was a little tipsy. He laughed. He was mostly interested in meeting my boss. As I was turning to find someone a little less interested in meeting my boss and a little more interested in singing karaoke with me and my friends I ran into Michael Moore. Blushing profusely I held out my hand and said, “It’s a really pleasure meeting you. Tamara.” (Or something equally embarrassingly inept like that.) He shook my hand. That man’s hand feels like you could curl up in it and go to sleep. So cozy, his handshake. Since he is like the star of the documentary world he politely said, “I’m Michael Moore,” (Dude. I know.) and was whisked away by an event coordinator. How adorable is that? He introduced himself to me.

Then feeling giddy I went to the bar where they had the tequila. Saw someone who looked vaguely familiar and adorable and introduced myself. He went to USC. He is making an awesome documentary. He said he would sing karaoke if I promised it wouldn’t be in front of a large crowd of strangers. I told him he was going to be my new best friend. (He said he hoped that was true.)

Morgan Spurlock was there. I smiled at him and started to introduce myself, but then got interupted by the lights flicking on and off.

Ten hours later (or what seemed like ten hours) the awards show was over. Arianna Huffington (my new girlfriend) hosted. Michael Moore led the crowd in the Canadian National Anthem (because a lot of people had thanked the Canadian Film Consulate for being there and funding their films).

I recommend the following movies if you can get them in your area.

Oil on Ice
Born into Brothels
Liberia: An Uncivil War (whose director is amazingly charming and good looking and British and I wanted to take him home and put him in a drawer labeled “Hot British Director” but I think he wouldn’t fit in my dresser and my boyfriend probably wouldn’t approve of me buying a big dresser in which to put people, not that he would ever tell me what or what not to buy.)

Published by admin on 11 Nov 2004

Things I’ve Learned from Road Trips with My Family

As I was stuck in traffic in Coldwater Canyon, staring at my temperature gauge, hoping my car wouldn’t overheat, and hoping I wouldn’t pee my pants, I thought about what a gift my parents gave my sister and me driving us all over the country. Here are the lessons I learned.

1. Do not drink the water at Yellowstone Park and then go look at the geysers. Immense vomiting will follow.

2. If you stop for gas, always, always, always, go pee. Because if you do not, when you do have to pee, your dad will make you wait until the next gas stop. This is why I have a really, really strong bladder and also a really, really weird thing about trying to make it 65 more miles before I go pee. It’s like a challenge.

3. The instant your sister makes a line across the back seat and says, don’t cross this line, you will want to cross it. Pinching, kicking, biting and scratching will follow.

4. The driver has control of the radio. Always.

5. If you fart in the car, roll down the window. (Sorry to call you out on this, Dad, but you never learned this one.)

6. Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska are called fly over states for good reason.

7. If you’re driving North and East in the summer you will want to be on specific side of the car. I can’t remember which side. The other side will be hot and annoying. My sister always picked the correct side.

8. Mix tapes-I have yet to re-create the magical mix tape that my sister and I had on our trip to college from AZ to MN in 1994. Some things aren’t meant to be re-created.

9. My mom will get out of driving every time if you let her. This is why I really actually like being the driver on long road trips.

10. If you think your car will break down, it won’t. If you think it’s going to be fine, you will blow a tire. ALWAYS change your oil before going on a road trip. It will keep your tires from blowing out. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

11. Arizona remains the most beautiful state in the lower 48 in my mind to this day.

Published by admin on 03 Nov 2004


I got drunk and high last night so I was hoping this morning when I woke up everything would be fine. Wrong.

Best lines from last night –

J: “I’m glad I can’t be blamed for the End of the World. I was actually worried about that.”

S: “I’m actually kind of sad I’m not responsible for the End of the World. I really thought I would be instrumental.”


NBC News: “This county is known as a big bush county.”

Me: *eyes widen* *look around the room* *inner thought, “did they say big bush county?* *uncontrollable giggling*

Published by admin on 13 Sep 2004

The Curse of Speaking it Aloud

So my sister and I were talking about our holiday plans to go to Arizona and spend some time in our childhood home that is currently on the market, and has been on the market for over a year. We were all, “It’s a good thing the house hasn’t sold. Ha ha ha! Silly house, it’ll never ever sell. No way is it going to sell by the holidays! It’s a good thing too, because that would really mess up our plans. No one wants to buy it anyway.” Oh stupid girls. Stupid stupid stupid.

Shortly after this conversation the childhood home received not one, but two, bids. My parents are in escrow and if all the inspections etc go smoothly, the house will belong to another family by November 12th.

I’m a little sad about it. My dog is buried in the back yard along with a lot of my cats. The bedroom I lived in from age 5 to 18 and then lived in during the summers is going to be someone else’s. The Mexican tile covered cement stairs that I nearly broke my shins on every day are going to bust up some new kids shins. The kitchen counter my sister and I shoved green beans under in a smooth attempt to not eat the most disgusting vegetable ever is going to get some other vegetable shoved under it by some other vegetable hating kids. The huge living room that could hold over 12 sleeping girls in Care Bear and Smurf sleeping bags is going to be the living room of some other girl who probably likes Sponge Bob and who knows what else. The balcony I used to scream “I hate you!” over to my parents and my sister and the world is going to be someone else’s balcony to scream over.

None of this really matters. It’s just a place I happened to spend a lot of time in.

Oh yeah, and Jeremy Piven is courting me in my dreams. But he wasn’t Piven, he was his character on Entourage. My world has been flipped upside down and I get Jeremy Piven as Ari Jacobs? Come on subconcious! Work with me.

Published by admin on 20 Aug 2004

First Dates

I’m not going to say anything about them. Except this, I like being kissed spontaneously on the street.

Sunset Junction is this weekend, a big street fair/concert thingy where everyone in Silver Lake and Echo Park tromps around a closed down Sunset Blvd.

I’m too tired to think of anything else to say. Have a good weekend.

Published by admin on 26 Mar 2004

Smitty posted the link to the Phobia List on his site. I found some that I have.

1. Aviophobia or Aviatophobia- Fear of flying. (This one is obvious to the people who know me)
2. Buried alive, being or cemeteries- Taphephobia or Taphophobia (I’ve been scared of this ever since that “Hitchcock Presents” episode where a woman was buried alive. That show consistently scared the crap out of me.)
3. Clowns- Coulrophobia. (Actually my sister has this, not me)
4. Firearms- Hoplophobia. (I live in the U.S., I’ve seen “Bowling for Columbine”)
5. Heights- Acrophobia, Altophobia, Batophobia, Hypsiphobia or Hyposophobia (there is a stair case in a parking garage at school that I almost pass out on everytime I get to the last set of stairs…and it isn’t because I’m out of breath, which I usually am.)
6. Places, crowded public- Agoraphobia. (People freak me out.)
7. Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces. (Sort of goes hand in hand with the being in a plane, buried alive and crowded public places.)

So. I am a phobic freak. Just thought you all should know.

Published by Tamara on 28 Feb 2004

February 28, 2004

I have an addiction. Snooze. I’m addicted to snooze. It started off as a harmless once in a while kind of thing back in college. I would hit the snooze a couple of times, give myself an extra 18 minutes of sleep, cut my shower short and go on with my day. It progressed to cut shower short, don’t eat breakfast and get an extra 27 minutes of sleep. Then for a while it was the skipping of the shower, breakfast and coffee to give myself an extra 45 minutes of sleep when I decided I should set my alarm for 45 minutes earlier. That way, I could get my shower, breakfast and coffee and still feel like I was getting the ‘extra’ 45. I thought I could trick myself into it. It ended up being 1 hour and 30 minutes of ‘extra’ sleep still skipping breakfast, coffee and shower and feeling like I had been drinking the night before (which to be honest, might have been the case). This became such a habit that now I don’t know how to get up for the alarm the first time it rings. Nine more minutes really means a lot to you when you’ve only been sleeping for 5 hours. The habit worsened when I got into grad school. I had illusions of getting up early and writing in the morning, or excercising or even reading the assigned reading for the 9am class. So I would set my alarm 2 hours earlier than it needed to be set. Which ended up giving me 2 hours of ‘extra’ sleep, plus the 45 I had become accustomed to and a mood like a wounded bear. One time my sister called me out, had an intervention if you will (which by the way didn’t work) and said, “You aren’t getting good sleep in those two hours, it’s being interupted every nine minutes. It’s really not good for you and you are acting like a total bitch to everyone around you.” I tried everything. I moved the clock to the other side of the room, that only made me stumble across the room and lose an extra 20 seconds of sleep. I got a clock that didn’t have snooze. And proceeded to reset the alarm for nine minutes later every nine minutes. I tried getting rid of the clock entirely and doing a mantra before I went to bed, You will get up at 7, you will get up at 7. Yeah. Late for the next ten days. Nothing worked. I couldn’t kick the habit. So I continue my snooze addiction to this day, hoping some day someone will release me from these nine minute chains and give me a real and true 45 minutes of ‘extra’ sleep.

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