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Published by admin on 27 Jun 2005

Something Old, Something British

My thesis film, “Something Old, Something British,” got into the Long Island International Film Festival. I had been pretty disappointed up to this point. Getting rejection letter after rejection letter from film festivals across the country tends to make you feel bad about yourself and your film.

I plan on attending the film festival and feel a little selfish about that. I have been pushing back my trip to Seattle over the last month because of money concerns and scheduling issues with work, etc. So now I am planning on dropping everything for a few days to go to a damned film festival. The guilt is killing me. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that family is more important than anything. More important than your career, more important than money, and definitely more important than a film festival. So I have a ticket. To go to the film festival. I wonder how karma will repay me for this.

My film plays on July 16th, at the late screening, 11:45PM, which, I know, is not the most convenient time for people, but I’m really excited to be in the festival so I hope some of the New York contingent can make it. If not, I totally understand.

If you have any questions e-mail me.

Published by admin on 11 Nov 2004

Things I’ve Learned from Road Trips with My Family

As I was stuck in traffic in Coldwater Canyon, staring at my temperature gauge, hoping my car wouldn’t overheat, and hoping I wouldn’t pee my pants, I thought about what a gift my parents gave my sister and me driving us all over the country. Here are the lessons I learned.

1. Do not drink the water at Yellowstone Park and then go look at the geysers. Immense vomiting will follow.

2. If you stop for gas, always, always, always, go pee. Because if you do not, when you do have to pee, your dad will make you wait until the next gas stop. This is why I have a really, really strong bladder and also a really, really weird thing about trying to make it 65 more miles before I go pee. It’s like a challenge.

3. The instant your sister makes a line across the back seat and says, don’t cross this line, you will want to cross it. Pinching, kicking, biting and scratching will follow.

4. The driver has control of the radio. Always.

5. If you fart in the car, roll down the window. (Sorry to call you out on this, Dad, but you never learned this one.)

6. Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska are called fly over states for good reason.

7. If you’re driving North and East in the summer you will want to be on specific side of the car. I can’t remember which side. The other side will be hot and annoying. My sister always picked the correct side.

8. Mix tapes-I have yet to re-create the magical mix tape that my sister and I had on our trip to college from AZ to MN in 1994. Some things aren’t meant to be re-created.

9. My mom will get out of driving every time if you let her. This is why I really actually like being the driver on long road trips.

10. If you think your car will break down, it won’t. If you think it’s going to be fine, you will blow a tire. ALWAYS change your oil before going on a road trip. It will keep your tires from blowing out. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

11. Arizona remains the most beautiful state in the lower 48 in my mind to this day.

Published by admin on 03 Nov 2004


I got drunk and high last night so I was hoping this morning when I woke up everything would be fine. Wrong.

Best lines from last night –

J: “I’m glad I can’t be blamed for the End of the World. I was actually worried about that.”

S: “I’m actually kind of sad I’m not responsible for the End of the World. I really thought I would be instrumental.”


NBC News: “This county is known as a big bush county.”

Me: *eyes widen* *look around the room* *inner thought, “did they say big bush county?* *uncontrollable giggling*